Punjab Land Revenue Authority (PLRA) to Digitalize the Land Records and Documentation

Punjab Land Revenue Authority (PLRA) announced that the land records of all the 9 centers of Lahore have been digitalized and the main aim behind this effort is to deal with the tampering of these records.

There are 9 branches that have been established under the land revenue wing and deputy commissioner officer to digitize land records. This project was first initiated in 2017,18. There was a huge increase in complaints regarding land tampering for past years so deputy commissioner Lahore Umar Sher Chatha wrote to senior member board of revenue Baber Hayyat Tarrar to complete the project’s last leg as soon as possible.

There is also news about the digital certificate issuance of all land-related documents including mutation and transfer certificates in near future. All the manual work will be turned off eventually and the already hired staff is being trained to wit the new upcoming systems.


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