CDA to establish a Property Verification Center at DC Office

Capital Administration collaborating with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) established a property verification center (PVC) at the Deputy Commissioner (DC) office.

DC Muhammad Hamza Shafqat stated that the sole purpose of this PVC is to counter real estate fraud in the city. He also mentioned a portal that contains the records of housing societies and land of the capital administration (CDA).

He also stated that the people living outside the country were made victims of land frauds in the capital city by those housing societies who were never legal or did not come under the jurisdiction of the city.

PVC is made to ensure transparency in the real estate industry. People can now invest with no trouble after consulting with PVC that either the housing project they are going to invest in is legal or not. Customers must have to fill a form to check the legal status of the property and within 24 hours they will get the response and all that is free with no cost.

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