36 Projects worth 24 Billion USD completed under CPEC

Muhammad Sami Saeed, caretaker planning, development, and special initiatives Minister has announced the successful completion of 36 projects worth 24 USD Billion under the hood of CPEC.

Sami Saeed also informed us about the updates on the Gwadar project and announced the completion of the master plan for the Gwadar city project. He also shared the progress on the East Expressway and international airport in the region. Minister Sami Saeed also discussed the other ongoing 26 projects in the region worth 27 USD billion.

Furthermore, Minister Sami Saeed also emphasized the commitment to Baluchistan’s development and highlighted the major allocations in the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP). For this current year (PSDP) stands at 950 PKR billion and 15 % of the program is dedicated to the province of Baluchistan. These funds are allocated for projects related to connectivity, roads, and water.


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