Vertical Residencies or Apartments Culture in Lahore 2023

Lahore is almost stretched to its full capacity due to unplanned expansions. However, the city has to accommodate more and more people every day as this city offers a better lifestyle, education, job, and healthcare facilities.

As the population in Lahore is on the rise and more people are coming into the city every day, the demand for vertical residencies or Apartments has increased. Like Karachi, the apartment culture is flourishing in Lahore now and we predict this trend is here to stay.

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Ideal locations of Apartments

The conventional housing schemes and societies in Lahore are moving further into the suburbs areas of Lahore which are mostly not very well developed, while the vertical residencies or Apartments in Lahore are located at ideal locations offering all the conveniences like banks, schools, universities, eateries, offices, and retail outlets. So, most of the buyers prefer already-established settlements to buy a home and enjoy all the amenities. This is the reason behind the high demand in neighborhoods like Gulberg.


Recommended High rise vertical residencies in Lahore to invest


·        Q Central Grand Mall and Residences

·        ABS Mall and Residency

·        Bahria Sky Lahore

·        Union Complex Lahore

·        T Square Lahore

·        Residence 15 Lahore


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Higher rental yield and Capital Gain

Vertical Residencies or Apartments pay off an annual rental yield of up to 12% while suburb houses pay off only 6%.

Talking about the capital gain, vertical residencies or Apartments pay off 50% to 60% profit gains in the medium term due to central location and amenities. While the suburb houses pay off only 20% capital gains on average when we talk about the medium term.

Investors always keep in mind these stats while investing in real estate sector and the profit margin in Vertical residencies surpasses the figures offered by horizontal housing or mega housing societies.


Affordable Prices and Easy Payment Plan

Suburb houses or single-unit houses in Lahore cost so high and the prices are increasing with every single day passing, contrarily the Apartments are available on easy installments and at affordable rates.

One can get a 1,2 or 3-bed apartment flat for a lower price than a house in Lahore, while the Apartments are available in installments spanning over years of the time period, and by the time you complete the installments, the prices get escalated sky high offering a handsome sum in terms of capital gains.



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