Real Estate or Stocks? Which one is the better investment Option in 2023?

This blog will thoroughly discuss the most talked about investment options in Pakistan to grow wealth.

In Pakistan, Real Estate investment is considered the most reliable and profitable investment option but many other individuals believe investment in stocks is more profitable, to end this debate we must say that both of these investment options are quite reliable and profitable if done right.

If you are planning to dive into one of these investment options, then we highly encourage you to learn the differences between these two options.

Investment in the Real Estate Sector of Pakistan

There are primarily two categories when we talk about the real estate sector of Pakistan, one is residential real estate and the second is commercial real estate.

When we talk about residential real estate it includes your home, rental properties, and house flipping while commercial real estate includes retail outlets, shopping malls, office complexes, and mixed buildings.

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Advantages of Real Estate Investment

It’s the Basic and Straightforward mode of investment

You simply acquire funds, choose a property and close the deal. After acquiring the property you either place the tenants or simply resell for a higher value. You don’t need to handle all this by yourself, but you just need a reliable real estate agent who can present you with the best available real estate options with great potential for higher value returns.

A tangible Investment Asset

Most people here in Pakistan prefer real estate investment solely because it’s a tangible asset and the owners feel more secure about their investment as they own it physically rather than purchasing a fraction of ownership in corporations through stock which makes them feel less in control of their investment.

A great option to counter inflation

Investing in real estate is considered a smart choice during inflation as in such times the purchasing value of money gets low day by day and if you invest it in the real estate sector it will not even retain the value but also return higher value returns.

If you are planning to invest in the real estate sector during inflation we would highly encourage you to avoid investing in popular neighborhoods and go for low-demand areas. 

Mode of Passive Income

If you own a property then you can use it to generate passive income as you can place tenants and earn a fixed sum of money every month. You can also increase the amount by 5% or 10% annually or you can resell the property with a substantial profit whenever you feel the need to liquefy your funds.

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Investing in the Stocks Market of Pakistan