New Metro City Lahore By BSM Developers

New Metro City Lahore Payment Plan, Location, and Project Details 

New Metro City Lahore, an upcoming mega housing project by BSM Developers. After the successful launch of New Metro City GujarKhan, BSM Developers are all set to launch their upcoming Mega Housing Project in Lahore.


Developers behind New Metro City Lahore

The most important factor behind any mega housing project is the name of the Developer, BSM Developers has quite a reputation as they have a very successful history in this sector which solidified their position in the real estate sector of Pakistan.

They have successfully delivered Gwadar Golf City, NewMetro City Gujar Khan, NMC Kharian, and NMC Mandi Bahauddin. The past successful history of BSM Developers adds more value to their upcoming project in Lahore as they have a satisfied client base from the previous projects and investors show great trust in them.


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New Metro City Lahore Location

An ideal location is chosen for the launch of New Metro City Lahore, as location plays a pivotal role in the success of any real estate project. The Developers have not announced the location yet but according to our sources, they are planning to launch New Metro City Lahore at an ideal location of Sharaqpur Road/Interchange where several other top-notch housing projects are underway including AL Noor Orchard.

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New Metro City Lahore Master Plan

The Master plan for New Metro City Lahore is yet to be announced but we can expect

·        Distinctive blocks category

·        Different-sized residential plots

·        Different-sized commercial plots

·        Designated mosques in each block

·        Designated areas for Schools

·        Designated areas for recreational Parks

·        Designated areas for commercial high-rise complexes

·        Designated areas for residential high-rise complexes


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NOC Status of New Metro City Lahore

The NOC approvals are under review but looking at their previously delivered mega housing projects we can expect early approval for this project. Talking about the previously delivered projects by BSM developers, they have a great record of getting early approvals from the concerned authorities.


New Metro City Lahore Payment Plan

The most anticipated aspect of New Metro City Lahore is its Payment Plan as many investors are eagerly waiting for the official announcement. BSM Developers have yet to announce the official payment plan of New Metro City Lahore.
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New Metro City Lahore Payment Plan for Residential

One of the standout features of New Metro City Lahore is its commitment to providing affordable housing through a flexible payment plan. The New Metro City Lahore payment plan is crafted to ensure that aspiring homeowners can invest in the property with ease. This approach makes homeownership more accessible to a wide range of individuals, aligning with BSM developers' track record of delivering affordable and manageable payment terms in their previous projects. The official payment plan will be updated soon.



New Metro City Lahore Payment Plan for Commercial

New Metro City Lahore will offer a variety of commercial plot sizes, ensuring that whether you're a small business owner seeking a compact space or a developer with grand aspirations, the plot prices will match your requirements and budget. The project's commitment to versatility in commercial offerings makes it an attractive destination for those looking to invest in the thriving Lahore real estate market.

Stay Tuned for the official announcement!


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New Metro City Lahore Amenities and Facilities


·        Availability of Basic Life Necessities

New Metro City Lahore will provide all basic necessities of life in the precincts of the boundary. It will be a facilitated project that will ensure 24/7 availability of water, gas, electricity, etc. 

·        Sustainability

It is an eco-friendly project whose infrastructure will be eco-friendly and sustainable. It will cater to the needs of the inmates as well as the environment. The developers have spared a large part of the acquired land for green areas.

·        Medical Facilities

People are taking health as a priority in New Metro City, planning various health units as part of it. These will provide quality health service features to the inmates in a relatively under-developed area.  

·        Commercial Zone

The commercial zone of this project will attract multinational brands and local businesses. These will fulfill the shopping needs of the inmates of New Metro City. It will not only fulfill the commercial needs but also provide for the entertainment of the inmates.

·        Gated Community

New Metro City is a gated community that will be secure. Its boundary walls, CCTV cameras, and other features will make it secure for the inmates.

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