Lahore Sky by OZ Developers: Elevating Luxury Living

Lahore Sky, a groundbreaking project by OZ Developers. Renowned for their success in the real estate sector, OZ Developers have once again set their sights on delivering a top-notch living experience with Lahore Sky.

OZ Developers partnered with Australian architects to deliver a top-notch fancy living experience in Lahore. Lahore Sky is all about a fancy lifestyle with all modern amenities. Previously they have delivered Bahria Sky which is a testimony of OZ Developer’s ambitions in the real estate sector of Pakistan.


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Lahore Sky Location


Lahore Sky is strategically located on Ferozpur Road, a prime position in the city's real estate landscape. With Lahore's expansion towards Kasur via Ferozpur Road and seamless connectivity through the metro bus route, Lahore Sky ensures both convenience and accessibility.

Lahore Sky is located near major city landmarks which is the most important factor to consider when you plan to invest in the Real Estate sector.


Lahore Sky’s Legal and Approval Status


OZ Developers' commitment to excellence is evident in their meticulous approach to legal and approval processes. Having acquired the land in 2021, the architectural blueprint gained official approval in December 2022. By January 2024, OZ Developers secured all necessary NOCs, demonstrating their foresight for the long-term success of Lahore Sky.

Now OZ Developers have acquired all the necessary NOCs and full approval from LDA. This shows the commitment of the Developers and planning for the long-term success of Lahore Sky.


Previous Successful Projects by OZ Developers

·        Bahria Sky Lahore

Lahore Sky Overview

More than a mere structure, Lahore Sky is a high-standard community spanning over 73 Kanals. Comprising six towers, parks, playgrounds, gyms, swimming pools, and more, Lahore Sky redefines modern living in Lahore.


Lahore Sky Mall Floor Planning

Lahore Sky introduces a meticulously planned mall, spanning 25 floors. This includes three basements, a ground floor, and 21 floors above ground, catering to diverse needs and preferences.




Lahore Sky’s Impressive Block System

What sets Lahore Sky apart is its distinctive block system. The first block covers an impressive 12 Kanals, followed by the second block spanning 10.5 Kanals. The third and fourth floors are dedicated exclusively to exquisite terraces, ranging from 2 to 4 Kanals.

In summary, Lahore Sky is not just a building; it's an embodiment of luxury living crafted by OZ Developers. As you explore real estate opportunities, consider investing in Lahore Sky for a lifestyle that blends opulence, convenience, and modernity. Your dream home awaits in the heart of Lahore's evolving landscape.


Lahore Sky Payment Plan

·        20% Down Payment: Initiate your journey to Lahore Sky with a modest 20% down payment, making it an accessible option for a wide range of investors.

·        4-Year Installment Plan: Spread the remaining investment over four years, allowing you to manage your finances efficiently while securing your dream space in Lahore Sky.


Key features

1.     Affordability: The 20% down payment ensures that you can start your journey to Lahore Sky without a significant financial burden.

2.     Flexibility: The four-year installment plan provides flexibility, accommodating diverse financial situations and making upscale living attainable for a broader audience.

3.     Opportunity for Investment: Investing in Lahore Sky not only secures a luxurious residence but also presents a lucrative investment opportunity, given OZ Developers' track record of successful projects.

4.     Peace of Mind: With a transparent and accommodating payment plan, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your investment aligns with your financial goals.


Click to Contact us: 0318 4567011
WhatsApp: 0334 7011008

Why Should You Invest in Lahore Sky?


1.     24/7 Live Construction Updates: A Revolutionary Approach to Transparency

2.     Transparency and Honesty

3.     Unmatched Quality: Exceeding Expectations Every Time

4.     Forward Thinking Solutions: Pioneering Innovative Living

5.     Expertise You Can Trust: A Team of Visionaries

6.     Customer-Centric Approach: It's All About You

7.     Proven Track Record: Excellence, Dedication, and Hard Work

8.     Sustainable Living: Building a Greener Future

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